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Drew Geraci
Drew Geraci has been an active inker for every major comic book publisher for over 2 decades, working on hundreds of comics. Highlights include Nightwing, JLA, Avengers, 52, Batman, Sojourn, Thor, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Birds of Prey, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Flash, Gen13, Ghostbusters, Iron Man, Legion of Superheroes, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern Corps, Way of the Rat, Star Wars, Final Crisis, Infinite Crisis, Superman, Future’s End and many more. Drew’s done promotional art for the movies Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel’s The Avengers. Also, Marvel children’s books for Disney Worldwide Publishing. He has authored two novels called The Demands and The Demands: B-Sides, about a Pittsburgh indie rock band that performs at bars owned by the Russian mob. The Demands: Stage Dive will be released this fall. Paperback and kindle versions available on Amazon. Instagram: drewgeraci ALL SIGNATURES ARE FREE OF CHARGE. NO LIMIT ON ITEMS SIGNED.
Richard Green
Coming to FarleyCon on August 10th is former Disney animator Richard Green. Richard worked on two features at Disney, Rescuers Down under and Beauty and the Beast. He starting drawing cartoons and people from the age of three. He graduated from the Ringling School of Art with a BA in book cover art. His outstanding work in human, and animal anatomy landed him a job with Walt Disney Animation Studios. He worked on various characters on the production, Rescuers Down Under. In Beauty and the Beast he concentrated on Lumiere the Candle. Come see his amazing talent on August 10th at FarleyCon.
Returning to FarleyCon: Toy and Comic Expo on August 10th is Marvel and Chaos artist Rob E. Brown. Rob, also known as REB, is an award winning illustrator and commercial artist. He has been working professionally as a commercial artist since the late 80’s and as a professional comic book artist/illustrator since the early 90’s. REB started his career in comics working in the small press, moving on to provide pen and ink for larger companies like Caliber Press and Malibu Comics. Soon, Marvel came courting him to work with such iconic characters as Conan, Dardevil, Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider and Iron Fist. At Marvel, he worked on a pantheon of characters including Spider-Man, The Inhumans, and Excalibur. Moving on from Marvel, REB began working with Chaos Comics where he continued to expand his repertoire. There, he not only created comics, he created cover illustrations for The Undertaker comic series and worked with musical artists such as Megadeth, Insane Clown Posse (ICP) and Dee Snider (of Twisted Sister fame) to create signature comics and album art. In recent history, REB has focused more on his commercial career and creator owned or personal projects such as Bane of the Werewolf, Bela Lugosi’s Tales from the Grave, The Boris Books, The Basic RPG Dungeon-Lord and cover illustration.
Returning to FarleyCon is artist Andy Duggan. Andy is a comic artist from Tennessee whose work has been published in Image Comics and Action Lab Entertainment as well as creating a successful Kickstarter for his own book Black Fin the Barbarian Shark.
Artist Spotlight: Joseph Hensley Joseph Hensley is self-taught artist from Knoxville, Tn. He specializes in comic book art and paintings. Be sure to stop by and visit with Joseph and check out his art work on August 10th.
Guest Artist: Dylan Bailey Dylan is a young aspiring artist from Ringgold, Ga and is a student at Heritage High School. Dylan discovered his passion for art and drawing at the age of 7 after being diagnosed with a rare hip disorder that forced him to explore other hobbies. Dylan dreams of one day working for Marvel comics as an artist. Farleycon was his first convention and he hopes to one day travel the country selling his artwork. Be sure to stop by his table and meet this wonderful and talented young man and check out his artwork. We are excited to have Dylan returning to FarleyCon.
Artist Spotlight: Autumn Whitaker Hey! I’m Autumn Whitaker. I am a video game and anime enthusiast that specializes in watercolor paintings. I typically work on portraits both of humans and pets, but I also dabble in fan art. I’m based out of NW Georgia. I will have original paintings, prints, pins, and stickers for sale. Can’t wait to meet you all! Instagram @autumndelaneyart
Hai! My name is Kimberly Hackworth but online I’m also known as DemBoots. I am a self-taught traditional artist from Chattanooga, TN mainly working with watercolor, color pencils, and Polymer Clay. I love to paint dragons and other fantasy creatures, original characters, and fan art including Pokemon and anime characters. I’ve recently fallen in love with working with clay and have been making a series of dragon egg keychains. I will have these keychains along with art prints, stickers, buttons, drawstring canvas bags, and magnets at my booth! You can also find me streaming my art on Twitch at DemBoots Does Art!

Artist Spotlight: Chris Goins
Artist Spotlight: Chris Goins
In the early ’70’s Goins was bitten by a radioactive cartoonist!! He soon developed an unquenchable thirst for old monster movies, sci-fi and Saturday Morning cartoons! He poured all of these strange influences into his artwork and soon took on the persona of the Madman, much to the dismay of his wife and children. Now if you have donuts and YooHoo and you can find him. You can hire the Madman of Black Sheep Studios!!!