Aaron Brewster

FREE AUTOGRAPHS!!!!!! …. Have you ever wanted to meet someone in Oscar winning movie? Someone in the 12th most money making movie ever? Someone In a Emmy nominated TV show? A real hydra agent? A savior from the walking dead? Now you can for his first show in Chattanooga area ever. Internationally known actor AARON BREWSTER will be live and in person On August 11th in East Ridge, Tennessee at FarleyCon (He will give away free autographs stuff you bring from home or download from his face book page also he will have items at his table for purchase) … As a bonus have your picture taken with this world known actor for FREE!!!! Dressed as the Russian Hydra Solider he played in Captain America Civil War or dressed as a savior when he was on the walking dead. Also see the real outfit he wore as a savior in TWD and the outfit he wore in Pitch Perfect 3 and other movie and TV memorabilia.