Epikos Comics, Cards, and Games

Epikos Comics, Cards, and Games, Chattanooga’s Biggest One Stop Geek Shop, is proudly sponsoring the appearance of the incredible Rick Leonardi at FarleyCon!  Join them at one of their two locations on 5864 Brainerd Rd and Northgate Mall, Chattanooga, TN, for a fantastic journey into the world of comics, cards, and games!

Epikos is your new home for Comics, Cards, and Games! With something for every geek out there, their offerings include:

Comics Galore: New releases, past issues, graphic novels, and graded comics for collectors.

Gaming Haven: A vast selection of board games, card games, and RPGs, with a welcoming game hall for all customers.

Miniature Masterpieces: Miniatures, paints, and tools for Pathfinder, DnD, and Warhammer 40k enthusiasts.

Kid-Friendly Zone: A dedicated section with books, comics, and toys to raise your lil’ geek properly.

Geeky Culture Goodies:Funko POPS!, action figures, collector items, t-shirts, pins, posters, plushes, and more!

Trade-In Program: Clear out some space and bring your items for cash or a better value in store credit.

Epikos is not just a store; it’s an immersive experience for every geek at heart. Join us in celebrating the magic of comics, cards, and games at Epikos Comics, Cards and Games!