Matthew De Meritt


Get ready for an out-of-this-world experience as we celebrate the extraordinary talents of Matthew De Meritt, the man behind the iconic character E.T. in the blockbuster sci-fi film “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial”!
Born without legs and using his hands to walk, Matthew defied the odds and brought E.T. to life in one of cinema’s most beloved classics. As a pre-teen, he stepped into the E.T. suit, embodying the lovable extraterrestrial with unparalleled charm and authenticity.
In unforgettable scenes like when E.T. stumbles into the kitchen and indulges in a bit too much fun, it was Matthew’s physicality and heartfelt performance that made the character truly unforgettable. While another person operated the arms, Matthew’s portrayal added a human touch to E.T.’s endearing clumsiness and charm.
Join us at FarleyCon for a heartwarming reunion with Matthew De Meritt and a celebration of his remarkable contribution to cinematic history, sponsored by IE Toys!