Samantha Newark

Samantha Newark is best known for her voice-over animation work in 1980s Cult Classic cartoon series “Jem and The Holograms” as the speaking voices of Jem and Jerrica Benton.
Samantha was nominated for a “Young Artist award” twice for “Exceptional young actress in animation, series, specials, or film features” also nominated for her performance in “Best animated series”. Other voice-over credits include guest-starring on the original Transformers cartoon as “Ariel” in the classic Transformers episode “War Dawn” and in other episodes playing the role of “Elise Presser”. Samantha was also cast as the voice of a young Peter Pan’s mother in Steven Spielberg feature film Hook as well as doing countless on camera and voice-over TV and radio commercials. She also played the role of Debbie in the 1987 thriller film Summer Camp Nightmare.
Invited to contribute two characters to the Festival favorite animated short Pound Dogs, created by Mike Salva, this project won the MTV “Voice and Vision animation award for writing and animation and garnered two development deals with MTV. She worked with director Mike Slava again for the Animated short film HG Chicken starring Bobcat Goldthwait, Jonathan Katz and Maria Bamford. And Todd Barry. Samantha has also leant her voice-over work and singing talent to Blockbuster video game titles including God Of War, Wild Arms 3, Twisted Metal Black and Britney’s Dance Beat.
Samantha has a Nashville based home studio and is currently working on a brand new animated series in development called “End Times” as the Synergy type AI voice of Sola.

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