Special Guests

Dylan Bailey

Returning to FarleyCon on August 11 is artist Dylan Bailey. Dylan is a 16 year old aspiring artist from Ringgold, Ga and is a student at Heritage High School. Dylan discovered his passion for art and drawing at the age of 7 after being diagnosed with a rare hip disorder that forced him to explore continue reading →

Savana Jade Wehunt

We are excited to announce Savana Jade Wehunt will be appearing at FarleyCon on August 11th. She is a season two and three Walker (Zombie). In addition to the television series she was also chosen by Greg Nicotero to be in his Webisodes on the AMC website. She is featured in #6. She also was continue reading →

John Anderson

  John Anderson is an actor, comedian, and self-proclaimed professional “Trick Talking Meat” who hails from Birmingham, Alabama. He landed his first major motion picture role as a Ravager in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. John also appeared in Black Panther, Stranger Things, Sleepy Hollow, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Discovery Channel’s Manhunt: Unabomber, Logan Lucky, Pitch continue reading →

Aaron Brewster

FREE AUTOGRAPHS! …. Have you ever wanted to meet someone in Oscar winning movie? Someone in the 4th and 17th most money-making movie ever? Someone In a Emmy nominated TV show? A real hydra solider from the MCU? Now you can for his first show in EAST RIDGE, TN ever! Actor AARON BREWSTER will be continue reading →

Josh “TKO” Turner

Originally from Indiana, Josh “TKO” Turner currently resides in Tennessee. Josh “TKO” has been a pro wrestler for over 13 years and is also an actor as with well known roles on hit shows such as “Nashville” as Jolene’s Boyfriend, “Under The Dome” as The Jeter Brothers, “Lt. Joe Kenda Homicide Hunter” as Bryan Simmons, continue reading →

Kaylie Turner

Fresh off an appearance on  Stranger Things 2 is Kaylie Turner. Kaylie is a young actress from Tennessee. Kaylie has had credited roles in Term Life, Lt. Joe Kenda Homicide Hunter and Snapped Killer Couples amongst her achievements. Kaylie was also a Child Walker in season 5 of The Walking Dead. Kaylie was also a continue reading →