Dan Jolley

Our next guest is author Dan Jolley. Dan writes novels, comic books, children’s books, and video games. His comic book work includes Firestorm, Devil’s Due G.I. Joe comic book line, Dr. Strange, JSA Elseworlds, Superman Adventures, Voltron, Micronauts, Sabretooth, Warcraft, Terminator and more. Dan has written novels that include the original YA novel trilogy Alex Unlimited, the Iron Man teen novelization, and three novel series: Five Elements, a Middle Grade urban fantasy series from HarperCollins; and from Falstaff Books, the superhero/horror Gray Widow Trilogy and the fantasy/detective Demon-Sleuth Scrolls. Also from Falstaff, Dan has released the novel The Storm, described in reviews as “Southern noir Stephen King.” Dan has written for many video games including Chronos, Mafia 3, Dying Light, Multiple Transformer games, Avatar and more. He lives somewhere in the hills of northwest Georgia with his very patient wife Tracy and some largely useless cats. You can learn more by visiting www.danjolley.com.