Dan Jolley

Blazing back to FarleyCon on April 13, 2019 is comic book author and co-creator of Firestorm(Jason Rusch) Dan Jolley. Dan writes novels, comic books, children’s books, and video games. His comic book work includes Firestorm, Devil’s Due G.I. Joe comic book line, Dr. Strange, JSA, Superman Adventures, Micronauts, Sabretooth, Warcraft, Terminator and more.
Dan has written novels that include the original YA novel trilogy Alex Unlimited, Iron Man teen Novelization and two novel series, Five Elements, a Middle Grade urban fantasy series from HarperCollins, and the Gray Widow Trilogy, a very much not-for-children urban science-fiction series from Seventh Star Press.
Dan has also written for many video games including Chronos, Mafia 3, Dying Light, Multiple Transformer games, Avatar and more.
Dan lives somewhere in the hills of northwest Georgia with his very patient wife Tracy and five largely useless cats. You can bug him by visiting www.danjolley.com or by following him on Twitter @_DanJolley.
Welcome Back to FarleyCon, Dan Jolley