Dragon Ball Reunion Extravaganza at FarleyCon!

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Kamehameha, Dragon Ball fans! Prepare for an electrifying reunion as we announce a legendary gathering of voices from the Dragon Ball universe at FarleyCon. Join us on August 3rd and 4th at Camp Jordan Arena in Chattanooga, TN, for an unforgettable celebration of Saiyans, warriors, and the iconic series.

Meet the Voices Behind the Ki Blasts:

Kyle Hebert: The powerhouse voice of Son Gohan, Pirozhki, Ox-King, Pikkon, and Future Son Gohan.

Phil Parsons: Bringing the fierce Nappa, Soldier Number 79, Bubibinman, Sun, and more to life.

Charles Campbell: The versatile voice of Vewon, Pell, Minotaurus, North Supreme Kai, and other beloved characters.

Ray Hurd: The electrifying voice behind Daigen, Top, Time Patroller, and more.

Embark on a journey through the Dragon Ball universe, meet the voices that have become iconic, and share the excitement with fellow Saiyan enthusiasts. From the Cell Saga to the Tournament of Power, this reunion promises to be a power-up of epic proportions.

Don’t miss the chance to go Super Saiyan with us! Secure your tickets at www.farleycon.com and be part of the Dragon Ball magic at FarleyCon 2024!

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