Get Ready for FarleyCon – The Ultimate GI Joe Experience!

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FarleyCon is turning Chattanooga into JoeNooga!

Join us for an incredible lineup of G.I. Joe guests at FarleyCon Pop Culture & Comic Book Expo 2024 on August 3rd and 4th at Camp Jordan Arena:

Larry Hama: The iconic writer and artist behind many of your favorite G.I. Joe stories. Hama also wrote the majority of the G.I. Joe action figures’ file cards.

Jim Shooter: Former Marvel Editor-in-Chief who oversaw G.I. Joe during his time at Marvel Comics.

Rick Leonardi: Renowned artist and and cover artist for Epikos CCG Chattanooga G.I. Joe 301

Howard Chaykin: Esteemed writer and artist known for his impactful work on G.I. Joe for IDW.

Steve Leialoha: Legendary artist with significant contributions to G.I. Joe.

Geof Isherwood: Talented artist who brought dynamic illustrations to G.I. Joe adventures.

John Beatty: Acclaimed artist with a storied career, including his work on G.I. Joe.

Dan Jolley: Versatile writer with numerous contributions to the G.I. Joe comic book world.

Deegan Puchkors: Cover Artist for Southern Comics Cartel Exclusive Cover Scarlett #1

Don’t miss this chance to meet these legends, get your comics signed, and celebrate all things G.I. Joe! Get your tickets now at and be part of the adventure!

Yo Joe!