Exciting My Hero Academia Guests Announced for FarleyCon Pop Culture & Comic Book Expo!

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Attention, My Hero Academia fans! Get ready for an electrifying experience as we proudly unveil our phenomenal lineup of My Hero Academia guests at FarleyCon. Join us in welcoming these incredible talents who have played pivotal roles in bringing the world of heroes and villains to life!

Meet the My Hero Academia Guests:

Ray Hurd – Selkie:
Dive into the aquatic adventures with Ray Hurd, the voice behind Selkie in My Hero Academia. Join Ray and explore the heroics of the sea as he shares his experiences bringing this memorable character to life.

Charles Campbell – Gran Torino:
Meet the wise and agile Gran Torino with Charles Campbell, the voice actor who has breathed life into this iconic character. Connect with Charles and delve into the mentorship and heroism of Gran Torino.

Kyle Hebert – Fat Gum:
Get ready for the ultimate hero feast with Kyle Hebert, the voice of Fat Gum in My Hero Academia. Join Kyle in celebrating the larger-than-life heroics of Fat Gum and discover the behind-the-scenes tales of the anime world.

Phil Parsons – Ingenium / Tensei Iida:
Zoom into action with Phil Parsons, the voice behind Ingenium / Tensei Iida. Explore the world of high-speed heroics with Phil as he shares insights into bringing the charismatic character to the My Hero Academia universe.

Mark your calendars and assemble your hero squad!

Don’t miss the chance to meet these My Hero Academia guests at FarleyCon on August 3rd & 4th! It’s an opportunity to connect with the voices behind your favorite characters, hear exciting anecdotes, and celebrate the heroism of My Hero Academia.