Phil Parsons


Prepare for an incredible experience at FarleyCon 2024 as we introduce a true legend in the world of voice acting, the one and only Phil Parsons!
You’ve heard his voice bring some of your favorite characters to life, and now you’ll have the chance to meet him in person. Phil is the brilliant talent behind the voices of so many iconic characters:
Kenny Ackerman in “Attack on Titan.”
Mutaito in “Dragon Ball.”
Nappa, Grand Supreme Kai, and more in the “Dragon Ball” universe.
Leonard Burns in “Fire Force.”
Gen. Hakuro and Buccaneer in the “Fullmetal Alchemist” series.
Tensei Iida in “My Hero Academia.”
Zaba, Phillip, Jesus Burgess, Capote, Jabra, and others in “One Piece.”
And countless more in series like “Fairy Tail” and “Tokyo Ghoul.”
With a voice acting resume as impressive as Phil’s, it’s clear that he’s played a significant role in bringing some of the most memorable characters to life in the world of anime and beyond.