Ray Hurd

Prepare to be wowed by the incredible vocal talents of our newest guest, Ray Hurd! Ray is stepping into the spotlight at FarleyCon, and we’re beyond thrilled to have him join us.
If you’re a fan of anime and animated series, you’ve likely heard Ray Hurd’s remarkable voice in action. He’s the incredible talent behind some of your favorite characters, including Kizaru from “One Piece,” Azuma from “Fairy Tail,” Gazef Stronoff from “Overlord,” Charon from “Fire Force,” and Kumashi from “One Piece.” But that’s not all! Ray has also lent his voice to iconic characters like Top in “Dragon Ball Super” and Daigen in “Dragon Ball Super: Broly.”
And if you’re into gaming, you might recognize his voice as the Future Warrior in “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.” Ray’s versatility as a voice actor has brought these characters to life, captivating audiences around the world.
Ray Hurd’s contribution to the world of anime and gaming is nothing short of impressive, and his appearance at FarleyCon 2024 promises an extraordinary experience for fans.
Join us on August 3 & 4, 2024, at the Camp Jordan Arena in East Ridge, TN, for a chance to meet Ray Hurd in person, learn about the art of voice acting, and hear about his experiences behind the microphone. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to connect with an artist who has made an indelible mark in the world of animation and gaming.