Kyle Hebert

Kyle Hebert is a powerhouse in the world of anime and video game voice acting. You’ve heard his distinctive voice in iconic roles, such as:

  • Dragonball Z: Narrator and Adult Gohan
  • Dragonball Super/Super Hero: Gohan
  • Wreck-It Ralph/Street Fighter: Ryu
  • Naruto: Kiba
  • Bleach: Aizen, Ganju
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (Kakyoin)
  • My Hero Academia: Fatgum
  • Gurren Lagann: Kamina
  • …and many more!
Kyle has left his mark on popular franchises like Pokemon, Sonic, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Persona, Danganronpa, and Fire Emblem, showcasing his incredible range and talent. Kyle hosts the entertaining comedy/pop culture/multimedia/tech news and reviews podcast, The Intergalactic Boom Box (